Social Media Monuments: Is Zuckerberg the New Steve Jobs?

Zuckerberg Starry Night

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has announced that its shares will be priced at $28 to $35 which will put the company’s worth as high as $95 billion. Since the creation of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has become a pivotal figure within the social media community. The young philanthropist has quickly become one of the richest men in the world. On the low end of the price range, that would make him $846 million richer. On the high end, he would net $1.05 billion.

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Anyone Using Social Media Can Appreciate “The Bermuda Triangle of Productivity”

Sometimes, it doesn’t take complex infographics or digital mastery to convey a very clear visual message. Sometimes, the message is clear and slaps you in the face.

Such is the case with this illustration by Fuchsia Macaree. Nothing more needs to be said. If you use social media for or at work, you’ll understand. Enjoy.

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