Storie iPhone App Changes the Way We Tell… Stories

Storie iPhone App

As more of the world puts cameras on their “don’t need” list and starts taking all of their pictures and videos with their smartphones, the need for better tools to enhance the media and the experience grows. Photo-sharing apps come and go, but one is making a splash that is, for the first time in a long time, deserved.

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Mobile Apps Are Big Business

Mobile Apps

Chances are pretty strong that if you have a smartphone, tablet, or other device that is mobile-app-enabled, then your devices are loaded with apps. Some come with the devices. Most can be downloaded. Some are free. Some are not. Games are huge. The trends are clear.

This growing segment of eCommerce is embedding itself into our lives every day.

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Color: The Ultimate Localized Social Media Trolling App


Regardless of whether you believe that the $41 million funding for the company was appropriate or whether their Telegraph stunt was successful, Color is a still an app that has a ton of potential… for trolling.

Our friends over at Namesake gave us a nice visualized tutorial on how to take full advantage of the app’s greatest attribute.

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