Michael Arrington May not be Right, But He’s Definitely Not Wrong

Michael Arrington Isn't All Wrong

Journalists will hate hearing this. Bloggers will hate it even more. I’m to the point where I’m starting to hate myself for thinking it.

Michael Arrington has some good points about TechCrunch, CrunchFund, his role in blogging/journalism, and the conflicts of interest (or lack thereof) in having his cake and eating it, too.

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Name that Nerd

Everyone knows a nerd or two.  Do you know the top nerds in the world, and by top, I mean the people who took visionary nerdiness, elbow grease, and luck and translated it all into billion dollar companies?  Below, you will find 15 faces (nine singles, 3 doubles).  Most readers will be able to name 3 or 4.  Real techies can name 5-10.  If you can name more, you are a true guru.  All 15?  Well, there’s a special place for you. [Read more…]

Propeller: Knock knock knockin’ on Reddit’s Door

RedditPropellerCompete.com’s and Alexa.com’s numbers are far from gospel, but they do offer an excellent comparative indicator for traffic. Looking at the traffic estimates and trends for Reddit and Propeller, it’s very conceivable that Propeller will overtake Reddit for the #2/#3 (depending on whether you consider StumbleUpon a social news website) position behind Digg amongst the social news powerhouse websites.

For a long time, Netscape was technically #2 in traffic, but most acknowledge that this was misleading. Many people typed in Netscape, not realizing it had become a social media website. Other sources sent traffic to Netscape, but only a small percentage used it for it’s news-based purpose. When the move to the new Propeller.com URL was announced, many believed that it spelled doom for the once-proud alternative to the Yahoo! and MSN homepages. [Read more…]