Stop Calling the Facebook News Feed Algorithm ‘EdgeRank’


A little over a year ago, I stopped using the term, “EdgeRank” when referring to the algorithm that Facebook uses to determine when and where in the news feed that posts appear. Someone at Facebook had told me that it was no longer used so I stopped talking about it.

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Using Facebook Ads for Others Makes Your Page More Powerful

Bonsai Tree

There’s a challenge associated with Facebook advertising that isn’t as important when it comes to Google Adwords or similar advertising platforms. With Adwords, as long as your ads match well with the page that you’re advertising, you can maintain a high quality score and keep your ads working well. On Facebook, there is a much tougher audience than the Google algorithm that you have to win over. With Facebook, your ads fall under the scrutiny of the audience and if they don’t like what you’re advertising, they can hurt your current and future exposure.

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Stop Butchering Your Facebook Ads Just Because You Can

Bill The Butcher

I’m always hesitant to talk to people about the wonders of Facebook advertising. It’s the most cost-effective way to get the word out to the right people. The targeting capabilities make Google envious and the effectiveness, when done right, is nothing short of a work of art for driving business.

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Kissing Up to the Facebook and Google+ Algorithms

Kissing Upv

There’s a fine line between making social media useless by posting things that aren’t relevant for business and making it ineffective by having posts that are too promotional, thus killing the posts through “death by algorithm”. Done right, businesses have the ability to be interesting enough to make the algorithms like them while being relevant enough to get a benefit out of the networks.

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Focus on Affinity with Facebook Posts


From a marketing and advertising perspective, Facebook is a game. It may not be very fun for businesses, but just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean that you don’t have to play along to be successful. On the other hand, some businesses have plenty of fun on Facebook. Whether you do or not makes absolutely no difference, though some will say that if you’re having fun with it that you’ll be more successful. I contend that fun or no fun, you still play the same way if you’re doing it right.

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Are Businesses Starting to Overpost on Facebook?

Too Much

There was a time not too long ago when it was hard to get businesses to post enough. The mythical beast known as EdgeRank (which Facebook technically hasn’t used in a long time, but that’s not important now) compels people to want to maximize the exposure of their posts by keeping a constant flow of positive engagement going towards their Facebook page. More on that in a moment.

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Rose Demonstrates that New Digg Algo is “Fair and Balanced”

Three weeks into Digg’s promotion algorithm updates, it’s becoming clear that the ‘playing field’ has been leveled. Even the site’s creator appears to be on equal footing. – Decepticrat

Kevin Rose SubmissionsIt isn’t the first time that a Kevin Rose submitted story failed to hit the front page of Digg, but last week, Kevin did something that he had never done before.  He missed the front page.  Twice.  In a row.

On top of this, his current submission is not faring very well.  It still has 12 hours, but is currently at an anemic 32 Diggs after 12 hours — not your standard KR submission number. [Read more…]

What Failed: The Digg Algorithm or the Digg Users?

Digg Super BowlIt took around 600 Diggs to get the story Super Bowl XLII Champions New York Giants promoted to the front page.  Are the recent changes in the algorithm the reason?  More importantly, is this a case where the algorithm was doing the “right thing” but was overpowered by the sheer bulk of Diggs?

It took 34 minutes for the story to be promoted from upcoming.  During that time, the Ajaxonomy Bury Recorder showed it to have 17 buries (which means it had a lot more than that).  That could be a reason for it taking so many, but let’s explore further.  This is a screenshot of the Upcoming 45 seconds after it hit the front page. [Read more…]