A 2013 Social Media Check List for Dealers to get Automotivated

A 2013 Social Media Check List for Dealers to get Automotivated

The New Year has rung in and the Holiday Season is officially over. That means it is time to get revamped for the New Year and ensure your Dealership is staying ahead of the times when it comes to your social media strategy. You might already have one and think that it works so no need to fix it and you may be right, depending on your budget and your time, although the hopes is that many GM’s have resolved themselves in thinking that social media is a fad or has no purpose within the Automotive Industry, since if you haven’t felt the effects of what social media can do for your dealership it only means you are doing it wrong or have the wrong person or vendor aiding you on your behalf.

It is time to be blunt and straight forward about your social media efforts that no longer should be a back-burner priority since it should have by now been integrated within your marketing strategy as to how you not only create advertisement but how you can create engagement with others to build relationships. It is now 2013 and that means you no longer should have excuses as to why your dealership is not spending time on various social networks or appointing someone who continuously communicates to you as to what is going on because you care, even if you do not have the time to do it yourself, you care, not because it is social media, but because it is your brand and the means to connect and contact others in real-time is what is required of a business and you are a business. Period.

Therefore we are going to say farewell to negative thoughts surrounding social media and hop into the positive seat to drive your dealership into the houses and minds of potential buyers. As a dealership, you already know that one buyer can turn into generations of buyers, especially with your great staff and customer service. This is true for your presence on social networks, except now your efforts are amplified.

Here is a check list to ensure your dealership is starting the New Year off right.


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