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There are many lessons we can take from this Super Bowl this year. Important, crucial information like Beyonce has still got it, always pay your electricity bill before you have company over, and murderers can go on to do great things in life. Even more important though, are the lessons we can learn about Marketing with Twitter and Facebook. Let  us here at Wikimotive share some of these with you.

We’re going to look at a graph of some interesting statistics posted by Jumptag that outline the usage of mobile devices during the big game.

Wikimotive Super Bowl Mobile Stats


This simple graph tells us a lot about the best times to engage in social media marketing during a major event like the Super Bowl. Let’s break down the activity real quick. Leading up to the game, everyone was talking so mobile traffic was pretty high, but as kickoff nears the traffic begins to slacken. As the game starts in earnest, the traffic drops to a low as people focus on watching the game. The first big spike of activity is the fumble from San Fran.  The traffic quickly drops back to a relative baseline, and then has a sustained spike during the blackout.

What does this tell us for marketing?

The best times to hop on and do a little marketing during major events are at points of interest. Live Tweeting and the like is great, but your audience is limited. You should start before the event and join in on the hype, but don’t waste your effort during the parts of the event that people are actually watching. The blackout was a great time to be engaging people, because the game was put on hold, so obviously they had to go somewhere. Now, most events won’t have random blackouts, but they will have sudden exciting events like the fumble. Your success will be entirely dependent on your ability to identify these events as they happen, and tie them back into your business in an interesting way.

If you’re fast enough, and clever enough, yours just might be the comment that goes viral.


Original post about Super Bowl Social Media can be found on Wikimotive’s blog titled, “Super Bowl Lessons” by Zach Billings.



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