Storie iPhone App Changes the Way We Tell… Stories

Storie iPhone App

As more of the world puts cameras on their “don’t need” list and starts taking all of their pictures and videos with their smartphones, the need for better tools to enhance the media and the experience grows. Photo-sharing apps come and go, but one is making a splash that is, for the first time in a long time, deserved.

Storie combines the ease and availability of the iPhone with the social sharing functions of Facebook to allow users to create relevant albums. It’s not just for images that we take, either; the app allows users to add images from the web to make their “stories” enhanced and engaging.

The embed feature is arguably the best part. People love to share images on Facebook, but the walled-garden there is challenging to share with the rest of the world, particularly for those who have their privacy setting set appropriately. When a topic or event are important enough to share on blogs, Tumblr, or other venues, Storie allows users to place them on their sites and increase exposure.

Here’s an example from the Storie homepage currently:


Sharing our lives is one of the greatest assets associated with social media. Through Storie, the telling of the “stories” makes a little more sense.

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