We Must #StopSOPA Because ___________




It has been a dirty word in American society since the birth of the country. Every few decades it pops up again as a politician here or corporate entity there tries to fight the various freedoms upon which the country was built.

Today, old targets of censorship are relatively safe. Books, television, newspaper, radio, and other forms of traditional media have been able to survive different variations of censorship. The internet, however, is being threatened in a major way by the Stop Online Piracy Act.

First, here’s a great video from last month that illustrates what the act represents to Americans and the world:

The online efforts against the act have been strong. Everyone from 4chan to Tumblr, from Facebook to Google have demonstrated strong opposition to SOPA, but the pressure cannot end there. There is a ton of money in the form of campaign contributions being used to sway votes. Washington must be made completely and utterly aware of the opposition of the people.

This post will be a “living” post. We will monitor social signals for completions to the sentence, “We Must #StopSOPA Because ____________.” We will post the results here and blast the results to congress in ways that will compel them to read what the people really think about SOPA.

Comment. Tweet. Share. Washington must be told.

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  1. Similar to what is happening in South Africa now. Democratic Government’s can’t be getting in the way of freedom of speech… Censorship is not the way forward. It’s closing down the doors to the global internet.

  2. Great article ! … but FYI: did you know your “Tweet” button is not showing up on Chrome ? (Shows up on Firefox.)

  3. It’s amazing how far this nation has come, to the point a bill like this would even be proposed, let alone supported. I’m happy to say that my representative did not support this. Unfortunately, I can see it gaining momentum through interest group funding, since their is little groups with significant political capital opposing it.