So, you’re not sold. You still believe that sites like Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace are passing fads that will fall to oblivion by 2010.  While I do believe that some sites will come and go, grow and dissolve, there is zero doubt that social media as a whole will continue to grow to the point that it encompasses most of our daily interactions.

It is ever-becoming a more important part of our lives. This video below puts it all into perspective. Thanks to @murnahan for showing it to me and @equalman for making it. Great stuff.

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  1. odc

    social media will never simply go away . the websites may do that , the services may do that … but the ‘fad’ … will never go away .

    with all the boundaries that we have deleted in the past years , it’s basically impossible to go back to having a few close friends , some co-workers and family .

    we’re all over the place and we cannot go back . the only way is up you might say .

    sure , twitter may die someday … but it will be replaced by something similar , or , how knows , even shorter . maybe one day we will all be communicating with just one word :)) .

  2. Wow. That really was an amazing video… that expressed in a very cute way with very cute music a bunch of fancy statistics that have no impact on the world.

    The maker is drinking the social media koolaid. It is nothing magic or revolutionary. Most of the statistics quoted are about sites that were around before the social media buzzphrase came around.

    Look at social media for what it is in its simplest terms: User generated content. Nothing more. Nothing less. People and business are able to share and create content easier than before. The amount of information that we are sharing is pretty amazing. But it is evolutionary, not revolutionary. People have predicted it for years.

  3. Still think social media is a fad? Heck no!!! Its going to be one of the most important tools for small to large sized businesses. It is vital for a business to survive when it comes to knowing what customers are saying online about them. Whether or not your talking or trying out social media, best believe your customers are. So dive in and don’t be afraid to get a little dirty!!!

  4. Wolfie Rankin

    I love social media, I’ve stopped buying magazines and newspapers which I feel are reams of articles which don’t interest me… makeup, celebs, cars, sports… a waste of paper in my opinion. and often when something does interest me, the story is much shorter than I’d prefer.
    So I read everything online now. The same is true of television which is something I don’t watch a lot of much anymore. I’d much rather be communicating with friends and finding stuff that interests *me* rather than being served stuff which is of interest to *most people* which definately *isn’t* me. 🙂


  5. This is a great video, thank you for sharing! Where can I find sources for the statistics, so I can cite them? I’m writing a paper on social media, I need this desperately!

  6. Really nice video that no doubt, shows that social media is here to stay and will have an impact upon our lives and how information is exchanged like never before.

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Anyone who thinks “Social Media” is a fad, is ignorant and naive to the facts! It is great to see the great amount of research that was done to create this video.
    Although, “Social Media” has been around for much longer than we give recognition. Forums started social media. The tools of social media are just simply much MUCH stronger.
    Forums are a fax machine where as Facebook is an iPhone.
    I can’t wait to see what type of tools will be available for Social Media in 10 years!

  8. GREAT video. Love it! I recently developed a teaser for our clients, I think my approach of showing some people that are networked has impact when pitching.
    Check it at:

    Thanks for the awesome link regardless!

  9. mrfixit

    Social Networks have always been around but many of you are too stupid to see it. Since the beginning on the Internet there was Geocities and sites like Asian Avenue. AOL was a social network. Hello, buddy list? The only difference is social networks are fancier now. They will continue to change and evolve just as as it has been changing for the past 15 years. Go away with these ignorant articles.