Steve Jobs Mobile Web

Steve Jobs was a man who could see into the future. He would change our lives through technology and eventually with the introduction of mobile internet. His many gadgets made us think in a different light when it came to the way we communicated, worked, and played. The boom made possible in social media was due to his extraordinary vision and commitment to changing the world we live in.

We create, interact, and share in ways that we never thought would be possible. It was the challenge he threw forward to us to use computers socially and by the time he introduced us to the iPhone, we were witness to a new age of technology. We were then able to visually interact with each other by engaging the internet and using it on the go, as opposed to just having a computer at home.

Social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter are even more popular thanks to the iPhone’s ability to let you upload pictures, view content, and interact with anyone no matter where they are anywhere in the world. With news channels and musicians being able to post messages on their Twitter page, you are able to follow breaking news stories and entertainment topics in real time. The iPhone made mobile internet possible for us to share our images and thoughts of what we do and who we want to share it with.

The Trail Is Set For Us To Travel Onward

When you think of all the mobile internet device that we have at our disposal today, it is hard to imagine what we ever did without it. Whether it’s your iPhone, iPad, or other device, it is now possible to experience much more than we could ever have imagined. The advancements in technology offer us a chance to share ourselves with friends and loved ones all over the world, and mobile internet allows us to stay in touch with everything that is going on. All of this stared out as a dream and became a reality.

Steve Jobs made it cool to be a nerd and a geek, and carry around electronic devices. Until even a few years ago, we only thought in terms of small steps. Jobs challenged himself and the people he surrounded himself with to be better and more innovative. He laid the foundation for social media and raised the platform on which it sat to expand it and refine it for future innovations.

Steve Jobs made it his life’s work to take leaps and smash through barriers, and he transformed the way we view our world and how we interact in it. He had a dream to make us a sharing society and he helped us to realize that dream.

Written by Guest Post