Based on the fact that 75% of people have used a cell phone while in the bathroom, it’s virtually guaranteed that you – reading this article right now – have sat on the throne with your phone. Nearly everyone has, at one time or another, used their phone in the bathroom. Clearly we’re more connected than we have been in history. Privacy has, pardon the pun, gone done the drain.

What other factors can we learn about phones and bathroom usage? First off, men are more likely than women to use their phone while sitting on the toilet. It’s probably the best time to catch on games or news – similar to the days of reading the paper on the toilet. 30% of men ALWAYS use their phones while indisposed, compared to only 20% of women.

Next, of the generations since people have been naming generations, Generation Y leads the phone-on-the-throne charge with a whopping 91% of its members. Gen X trails at 80%. The Baby Boomers fall behind at only 65%, and the aptly named Silent Generation are at less than half, at 47%. To put it more in perspective, 1 in 4 people use their phone on the toilet.

Breaking it down by type of phone, Android users are most commonly found occupying themselves in the can, with a whopping 87%. Next, and by a small margin, are iPhone users, coming in at 84%. More reserved are the Blackberry users, with only 77% of users. With that being said, however, of the people making calls from and accepting calls to the toilet, the tables are turned with Blackberry taking the lead.

Toilet tweets tend to come from iPhone users foremost, with Droid and Blackberry bringing up the respective lead. These are not necessarily – and hopefully not actually – tweets about the users’ toilet experiences. iPhone users also dominate the use of apps being used on the throne. Most people are reading, texting, emailing and facebooking while they have idle time.

Finally, the ugly bits about using the phone while using the facilities. One in six phones have traces of fecal matter on them. While 92% of people do wash their hands after using the toilet, only 14% wash their phones. And, 19% of people have at one time or another dropped their phones into the toilet while using them.

Be entertained and disturbed when you find out all of this information and more on this amazing and informative infographic.

Written by Drew Hendricks