The days of purchasing CDs alone for the sake of building a music library are fading and one can make the argument that downloading MP3s could go the same way somewhere down the line. There are many music streaming sites that appear to be able to fill the needs for those who can’t get enough of the classics or the tracks that have become all but viral. Spotify is one such example and it seems like it is taking a new step as far as mobile streaming is concerned. Will it be a step that everyone will agree with, though?

On the surface, the idea is brilliant. The Wall Street Journal reported that Spotify may soon offer a free version of its service on mobile devices, which would replace the paid version that many have utilized. Since Spotify was introduced, the only way that anyone could benefit from its free music streaming was through computers. However, if this change were to come to the surface, it would allow users to play a set number of songs on demand and create their own playlists to boot. Shouldn’t an idea like this make everyone happy?

Keep in mind that while there are many Spotify users who would clamor for free mobile streaming at no cost, there are those who have paid for the service for different reasons. A monthly fee was put in place for the sake of allowing fans to enjoy hundreds upon hundreds of tunes without any ads. With this in mind, what if they don’t want to take the free route? If they were to do so, they would have to endure ads after a set number of songs, which is one of the reasons why the premium route is taken.

For example, it is not uncommon to go through two or three songs on Spotify, only to be greeted with an ad. However, this ad may not be tailored to your interests. If you are someone who runs a business, are you going to care about opportunities for potential freshmen at particular universities? What if you enjoy songs along the lines of Lorde and instead you’re given an ad telling you to sample a Billy Joel compilation album? Not only are these ads bothersome but they oftentimes fail at grabbing your interest and keeping it in place.

When a social media agency is hired by a particular brand, it is easy to assume that the efforts will be able to appeal to various audiences. Said audiences are driven based on interests, so whatever advertisements are put forth have to accommodate such matters. In my experience, the ads on Spotify are pesky, to say the least. That being said, if they are able to facilitate complete mobile functionality at zero cost, perhaps they are caveats worth enduring.

Written by Rob Sutter
Rob Sutter is a writer & SEO specialist for fishbat, an online marketing firm located in Bohemia, NY. He graduated from Farmingdale State University with a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Professional Communications in addition to minoring in English Literature. Outside of writing, he is an avid gamer and professional wrestling fan.