Las Vegas

There’s good and bad about speaking engagements in Vegas. The good part is that the city is ideal with plenty of hotel rooms and conference space to make anyone comfortable and productive. The bad part is that it’s Las “Stays In” Vegas and attendees are often distracted from the business at hand.

That won’t be the case at the PCG Event tomorrow through Thursday. The attendees are there for learning and the presenters are professionals. I have been to the previous two and both were high on education, low on distractions. The only bad part is that I won’t be posting much on Soshable for the time – Brian Pasch tends to keep everybody pretty busy during his events even if we’re lucky enough to skip out on the 6am exercise program.

I’ll be discussing “SEO Techniques that Leverage the Latest Changes in Google’s Search Algorithm” that covers the Penguin update. It’s arguably the most important speaking engagement topic I’ve had this year.

KPA will have a strong presence at the event and is doing SEO Snapshots for those interested in consultations. With many of the attendees being PCG clients, we don’t expect to see too many bad things going on with the search engine optimization, but not everyone is with PCG so there will definitely be some who need help. We’re ready.

For Soshable visitors – see you Friday! Vegas, I’ll see you in the morning.

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Written by JD Rucker
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