Soshable. The Show. It’s Coming.

Soshable Show

After over a month of being without my beloved Social Blade Show, the urge is calling. The desire to talk social media with friends, colleagues and absolutely strangers is overwhelming. We need a new show.

Soshable, The Show, is in early planning stages, which means that we’re looking for hosts. The format is easy – a 30-minute weekly show discussing social media. The requirements are easy – show up and be interesting and knowledgeable. The search has begun. Are you in? Do you know anyone who does well on camera (better than me, at least), speaks fluently about social media, and has a sense of humor?

If you’re with Coco, Zuck is your man, and you can sing better than Jeff Cryder, then you’re probably a good fit. We’re shooting to fill the slot left open by the Social Blade show – 7pm on Thursdays. If you or anyone you know is interested, please contact JD.

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  1. This sound interesting, i love the internet shows. I like the television, but i don’t find a good programation.

    I don’t know anybody with good sense of humor :O

  2. Clint S

    What city is the show going to be filmed? This is a great idea. I have never been into writing, but I can write for hours on social media and blog sites. 30 minutes will not be to long a show. How do you plan on formatting the show?