Some Wins, Some Losses in My Feb 2011 Social Media Predictions

JD Rucker Eyes Only

It’s been over a year since I delivered a keynote at the Digital Marketing Strategies Conference in Napa Valley. We drank a lot of wine and talked a lot of social, but the speech I gave was the first one where I really “put it on the line” and made predictions about the way that social media was heading.

There were some wins. It wasn’t terribly prophetic to announce that Google would be getting hardcore into social media as it had already been mentioned as an important concept for the company by then-incoming CEO Larry Page, but it was before Google+ at the time and I think it made some sense. Other things were losers – Klout wasn’t bought by Google (or hasn’t been yet) as I predicted.

Here’s the long video. Let me know if you think I was a fool. If anything, it’s probably the first (and last) time you’ll ever see someone delivering a speech and taking a call in the middle of it.

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