Social Networks TV

Social networks have brought about a revolution in the lives of everyone connected to them and they also have a big hand in the success of internet TV. It has brought people over the internet and connected them to the online TV world. Social networks have proved to be a medium from where people get to know more about internet TV and the vide variety of options that it offers.

The connection of people through these networking sites has shaped their minds and choices. Its like they don’t have to make an effort to pass time anymore, half of the videos and television people watch is through these sites. Videos suggested by people or the programs liked by them are at the top view list of their friends. Not just friends, but other pages and groups online keep people updated. Through various options such as share, like and add to favorite, the administration of these sites comes to know of peoples choices.

Social networks more effective than news channels

Since the advent of social networks, people have had the habit of staying updated through them. It is not the news channels anymore that provide all the information regarding everyday events to people, it’s their networking site. News updates reach networking sites even before people can hear it from the news channels.

People make videos from their cameras and upload it on their profiles; at times even news channels are not able to produce such clips. We usually hear on news channels that they found a video on a site, which indicates the trend of internet television. It seems like no medium can work without the other. These videos circulate around, get thousands of hits and also get uploaded on sites where many people watch them daily. Hence, the concept of internet TV becomes more concrete through these sites.

During the recent earthquake in Tokyo, many people tweeted online stating that they were in the midst of an earthquake. People with their experience are better able to update others.

Social networks and videos

YouTube is one of the most popular sites that is visited daily by millions or maybe even billions. The site shows a number of most viewed videos and songs or those that are very popular among visitors. YouTube videos are shared and viewed world wide, and it’s not just one site that promotes internet TV, but many others.

Social networks and TV shows

One can never catch up with everything that is going on, but through networking sites people come to know of what is going around, which shows are new and where one can find them. Social networking sites have groups and pages of TV shows which provide content to their viewers.

Social networks and advertising

People might not watch commercial ads during their favorite soap, but they will watch an ad which their friends suggested is funny or entertaining. Social networking sites have proved to be one of the best mediums for advertising. Big companies spend huge budgets on advertising, but now through social networks a video advertisement can roam around within minutes.

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