Social Media Nosedive – Alexa Shows Recent Drops Across the Board

Every time I bring up Alexa, I get a ton of people who tell me how unreliable and worthless it is.  Let’s assume for the sake of this piece that I know this.  Let’s also assume that my budget for gathering data is zip and Alexa and Compete are the only real options.

With that out of the way, Alexa is showing major drops in reach for Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, and Mixx and other social bookmarking sites.  They are all happening around the same time.  Concerning?  Not at this point, since the data is all very young.  Worth monitoring?  Absolutely.


Digg on Alexa


StumbleUpon on Alexa


Reddit on Alexa


Slashdot on Alexa


Mixx on Alexa on Alexa


Newsvine on Alexa



* * *

Propeller and Fark saw some drops, but not as pronounced as these.  Again, this is absolutely, positively nothing to worry about.  It’s been a slow news week.  There are things going on that are taking up people’s time that aren’t social media.  This drop won’t last long.  BUT, it’s interesting to see it happen like this.  Just FYI.

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Social News must be watched.  Watch more.

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  1. Hmmm…. I ran them through Compete and it doesn’t support that. So what can U do? While Compete can be sketchy, I’d put a little more weight in it than Alexa.

    2c -Dave

  2. @Dave – you’re right. Compete is a little slower at posting their data, and in all fairness to you, I didn’t have my ducks in a row before your comment. Now that the images of the alexa data is up, you can see what I was seeing.

    I actually prefer compete, but I do like Alexa’s day to day tracking versus monthly tracking on compete.

  3. I don’t think there is anything overly wrong. Could well be due to the fact that Easter was really early this year and festive periods normally mess up peoples routines.

  4. Gerard


    You know someone posted Digg’s Alexa data over at the Mixxing Bowl forums noting the decline in traffic. I did the same thing you just did right here – looked at all the social news sites together. I saw the same thing and had about the same reaction you did. I started thinking “is social bookmarking activity declining”?

    Needless to say, these numbers worry me. Then again, I have no idea how the hell Alexa gets its data; its own info on this is very vague. There could be a lot of reasons for the decline across the board. Direct traffic to the sites in question, maybe? (I mean unless Digg, Mixx, etc. give Alexa this data on a day to day basis, they wouldn’t be able to measure that. Would they?)

  5. The drop seems to be a fairly even amount across all sites..

  6. This is old now I suppose, but for the benefit of anyone who may read this, I think it’s probably more to do with the shuffle made at Alexa recently in how the make up their rankings. There were a few changes, and this drop across SM sites, may be a result of that.