Zombie Art

The Zombie Apocalypse is a topic that is near and dear to my heart.  My friends and I have talked about how we would organize our resources, where we would hold up, and what the best skills and equipment would suit the job for survival.  Do I really think it will happen?  Not really, but its fun to wonder how things would pan out.

In honor of December 21st and the end of the Mayan calendar, Mashable published an article sharing its choices on which smartphone apps are the best survival tools to meet the challenge of a zombie infested world.  Admittedly, there are some good ideas listed.  The article makes specific mention of a flashlight app to help navigate in the dark and a first aid app for patching yourself up if you get hurt.  If you are on the look out for supplies, the app allowing users to identify places of interest could definitely come in handy.

It was always my assumption that during a zombie apocalyptic scenario, communications technology would fizzle out and something like a smartphone would be little more than something weighing you down as flesh hungry zombie seek you as their next meal.  However, as long as we are taking liberties with end of the world scenarios I would like to offer another survival tool, social media.

I’m a firm believer that communication is essential to any success in overcoming any crisis situation.  Social media is an excellent way to share information and communicate with people that need help or can help others.  Since social media functions on the basis of people networking; information will spread just as quickly as the cause of the zombie epidemic.   Let’s explore the top five ways social media is a great survival tool in a zombie threat.

  1. Those pesky zombies tend to move in mobs.  Why not tweet out the location and migration pattern of the undead mass?  Zombies can’t eat what they can’t find.
  2. The strength of zombies lies in their numbers.  The problem many may face is that feeling of isolation.  If social media is a usable tool, one does not need to wonder where everybody else is.  Organize a gathering with other survivors and work together to fight off the undead horde.
  3. Eventually everybody needs to eat and sleep.  Unfortunately, these bodily functions come at the price of letting your guard down.  Communicating with others could definitely help you find out where its safe to take a nap and grab a bite to eat.
  4. What if somebody finds out a useful trick to neutralizing the zombie threat or enduring some other hardship?  Set up a Facebook group dedicated to sharing these helpful tips and knowledge.  What was a chance discovery or professional skill for one person can now benefit everybody.
  5. In times of intense stress it’s good to have some sort of outlet.  If there is access to a social media, share your experiences with others that can relate.  Who knows?  Maybe somebody has a funny story about a zombie tripped and started a domino effect of falling zombies.  That little chuckle could do a lot of good.

While this December 21st will likely pass without any zombies, its still good to exercise the imagination and explore creative options to solve problems.

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