Social Media Study: HR Must Embrace Social

How does your company handle the social media accounts of employees? In the past, it wasn’t really an issue, but every day it becomes more of a problem. Employers want to know about their employees, and employees want their personal lives to stay private. How do you navigate these muddy waters? It’s truly a challenge, one that is only going to become more arduous as time rolls on.

SilkRoad has released a great data-set that covers most aspects of HR and social media colliding. It details the common pitfalls like companies asking for passwords, companies restricting social access, and even companies who fear espionage! Whether you’re an employee or employer, you absolutely need to be informed about how social media relates to employment.

The infographic below details the findings of SilkRoad’s study. Original article about SilkRoad’s social media study posted on Wikimotive’s blog under the title Social Media and The Workplace.

Social Media and The Workplace


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