Social MediaJust a new quick post that we’ll be doing at Soshable – links!

Everyone else seems to do it.  We read just about everything in the world about social media.  Might as well highlight the best social media stories from the web.  Here it goes:

LiveBar – Social Media on the Cheap

LiveWorld, a developer of web community and social media technologies, has recently introduced LiveBar — a wham bam quickie way to liven up your more boring than average website. LiveBar takes a simple and/or static website and quickly transforms it into an interactive one, with what the company calls “bare bones” social media and online community features.

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SocialMedia, BuddyMedia team up on social ads

Here’s a deal that never could’ve happened in the absence of the developer platform craze: SocialMedia, a media network that focuses on the fledgling niche of “engagement ads,” is set to announce a partnership with BuddyMedia, which creates branded applications for clients.

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Seven Social Media Consultants That Deliver Tangible Value

Is social media nothing but snake oil? Sometimes it can seem that way. As economies shift and trends emerge, would-be experts start popping up like weeds. Really good social media experts are a treasure – and they’re not always easy to find.

* * * Delivers Social Media Marketing with PopularMedia SocialNotes has officially entered the world of social media marketing, and tapped PopularMedia, Inc. to help its customers reach out to her friends and family in real-time to get feedback on its maternity fashions.

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Is a Social Media Friend Really a Friend?

Would you trust a social media friend with your money? Your home? Your significant other? Your children? Your life? Your answer to those questions will determine whether or not you feel that friends, as used in social media, are friends like you had in school or if they’re better labeled as something else.

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IBM putting social networking under microscope

In an announcement sure to raise eyebrows among the companies gathered at the Web 2.0 Expo here, IBM said Wednesday it is opening the IBM Center for Social Software.

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Social Media is Real! Formation of Trade Group Proves It!

Those following the social media gospel must be storming the altar like fanatics after a faith healer, following the announcement of the formation of The Social Media Advertising Council.

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Social Media Ad Council launches, includes Boston execs

Representatives from more than 25 advertising agencies and social media companies are joining to form the Social Media Advertising Council, which will aim to set the first standards for buying and measuring marketing in social media, the organization said on Wednesday.

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5 Social Media Revelations from Web 2.0 Expo in New York

Web 2.0 Expo is under way in New York this week for the first time in the conference history. There were lots of interesting ideas discussed during sessions yesterday with some of the sessions containing facts about social media that seem to be neglected or overlooked way too often. So I have decided to summarize a few of the most interesting surprises and revelations as I see them here.

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Why your web strategy should include a social media plan (an introduction)

I’m sitting at Denver International Airport, waiting to board a flight to Chicago, where I’ll be conducting a kickoff meeting and initial training about social media for my company’s newest client.

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More coming next week!

Written by JD Rucker
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