ROI of Social Media

Return on investment. It’s the compilation of metrics that are used to determine whether an activity or expenditure is worthwhile for a business. Over the last 4 years, social media has been at the center of ROI debates between marketers, company executives, and gurus across the spectrum.

We know that people are using social media, but is there a real ROI associated with it? Are people going there simply to hang out without being bothered by businesses, or is there room for marketing, branding, advertising, and engagement? There are case studies that point in both directions; some say it’s a waste while others say it’s the golden ticket.

This video by our friends at MDG Advertising breaks down the concepts and trends associated with social media as a marketing tool.


Video by MDG Advertising.

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  1. The video says it is important to identify your company’s goals/objectives. Would you not agree that different social media platforms require different goals? Audiences among Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are not the same; thus, shouldn’t the objectives match that? What is your best recommendation, besides listening/reading posts, in figuring out who is in your audience on these different platforms?

  2. Ryan Balikian

    Thanks for this video I found it very helpful. I also found useful webinar on Social ROI for those of you interested in this topic. Check it if you are interested in learning more.

  3. Ryan Balikian

    Thank you for this video, I found it very helpful. I also found a useful webinar on social ROI for those of you interested in this topic. Check it out if you are interested in learning more.

  4. I agree with brittany ward, each social network requires its own plan. If you are active on facebook it doesn’t pay to post links as you are more likely to get feedback from a Photo or a well worded status update. If you are on twitter, then links rule the land and you can make the most of that.

    When using social media, it is important to gauge where you are working (facebook, pinterest, twitter) and market accordingly.

  5. Thanks for the video I found very useful, but perhaps give too much value to social networks, and give us as much response as we want, we must see the profile of customers to cuedo the type of business you have.
    Thank you.
    Best regards.