Social Media Professionals are Popping Up Everywhere

Social Media Maven

You’ve seen them on your social media streams. Gurus. Masters. Experts. Ambassadors. Ninjas. Pirates. Consultants. Specialists. Mavens. Oh, how I cringe when I see a self-described “social media maven”.

Regardless of the silly titles, the fact is that the demand for those who can work magic on social media is on the rise. That’s the good news – those with the knack have a career ahead of them. The bad news is that oh so many of them aren’t truly qualified. For the most part, social media is a true melding of science and art that is harder to find than most realize. As a result, we see a lot of businesses pay good money while getting minimal results.

Thankfully, the industry is getting broader and businesses are getting more selective. There was a time when I would hear from people that they have their “savvy 19-year-old cousin handling social media for their business” because, well, she’s always on social media and she’s going to college so she must be able to handle the marketing for me on Facebook, right?

Fewer and fewer are heading down. The rise is still happening. The infographic below was a collaboration between LinkedIn, offerpop, The Abbi Agency, and Beutler Ink. It’s quite a collaboration and yielded a very worthy infographic.

Rise of the Social Professional Infographic


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