Dog on Computer

It’s not unusual these days to see some bizarre Facebook accounts that have been created. You can make a page for anything really. One growing trend is creating Facebook accounts for pets.  I have one question, how does one update their status without opposable thumbs?!

Facebook was originally created for college students ONLY as a social media site to share information and communicate, amongst other things. Now, since the site launched, there has been a ton of changes including being made open to anyone who wants to join. There are many people who think that signing their pets up for Facebook is an adorable idea and believe it’s a fun way to have their friends and family view cute photos and silly status updates that their “cat” wrote.

There are an unknown number of “pet pages” being created from cat, dog and bird accounts to bunnies, turtles, ferrets and hamsters. These people have no limit and clearly no shame in showing just how much they adore their lovable pets.

There are social networking sites other than Facebook where internet surfing animals can congregate; such sites include, and There’s even a site made just for bunnies called BunSpace! For the people who feel that creating a profile for pets on Facebook is a little silly, pet owners joining a specific social networking site made especially for animals may make more sense.

I don’t have any pets myself and personally, I don’t think I’d create a personal page for them on the Internet if I did. Thousands of people who use these social media sites disagree. Would you plaster your faithful pet’s photos and “personal information” for all to see on social networking sites, or do you feel that this idea is just absolutely ridiculous?

Written by Guest Post