Social Media is Like a Garden

Like any relationship social media is not one sided and once it is, people tend to disconnect. Many people will attempt to friend you, network with you or try to use you to help them in some way, and just like the other relationships within your life you need to choose which ones are worth it.

You do not need to say yes to everyone on every request, in fact if you are unable to follow through sometimes it is best to simply be truthful and tell them you are too busy, but do not just ignore people, that is almost like burning a bridge and honestly, you never know when you may need to cross over it again or will cross roads with that person, since you connected on some level for some reason in the first place.

If you plan on using your social networking for personal use and decide to just share and not care than you will tend to gain a sour reputation. You need to ensure that in amongst your sharing that you are commenting on other people’s efforts.

If you are a business you need to comment on the comments or tweets people have left for you, even if it is a simple thank you.

People no matter what platform we are on, whether it is soil, hardwood or Wi-Fi, we want to feel that there is a connection between the people we have added within our lives and not to just gain an additional number – that is sooooo 2007.

We make choices now based on a commonality, something that brings us together due to a shared friend, interest or humor, something unites us and much like keeping anything alive and flourishing, you must water it.

The analogy of thinking of your friends as a plant or a pet is a funny thought, however, if you look at watering as a form of paying it attention than the two are not so far off. Everything needs to be cared for and this does not change when you decide to go online, especially if you are looking to make real, genuine connections with others.

If you are going to take comments, likes, +1’s, retweets or any other form of watering/attention, than you must be willing to give.

A garden won’t grow if you leave it on its own, neither will a friendship, whether it is online, offline or in your flower bed.

Shower your social connections with the same actions you would want to be treated with, prune out the weeds of those who spam or do not add positivity to your social communities and watch the relationships within social media grow.

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Written by Erin Ryan
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