Do Not Get Discouraged when no one reacts

The panic strikes when you post something on your social networks and no one reacts (cue crickets), it is almost as if you are Tom Hanks, stranded on an island but without Wilson.

You can almost feel invisible, especially as you watch other people’s articles, videos and photos get the reactions you thought you were going to get with the amazing post you put up as your status update. Yet, no one seems to notice and you are left wondering why no one liked, +1’ed, or retweeted your post.

You become discouraged. Feeling like your efforts may not be worth it after all… but don’t give up.

This feeling too shall pass as will the non-reaction you received. You need to question if you are being interactive?

Being active on social networks is one thing, but more often than not, you are not being interactive which can cause people to ignore you since what you are looking to receive is something you are not giving.

The next question is to figure out if you are sharing content that fascinates your audience? People don’t want to like something just because your name is beside it, they want to be entertained or have some sort of feeling ignited. Therefore learn about your online communities which differ from each social network.

If reactions are what you sought to receive when using social networks, you are doing it wrong.

Connecting is what your main priority should be, talk to people, not at them, share quality content, and be approachable.

If you take action by caring about your social communities then they will care about what you have to say and share, although even then you will sometimes not get a reaction and that too is okay.

Remember this, just because no one reacted does not mean it went unseen. Your activities are always being watched by someone, but it is up to you to make them want to chat with you about it by being present and available and most importantly, by investing in them.

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  1. Social media is about give and take. If you aren’t being social or sharing, liking, re-tweeting, etc. the work of others you can’t expect them to do that for you. Social media is a community. If you aren’t participating people won’t pay attention to what you have to say.

  2. So true. Thanks for the reminder! 🙂

  3. Leave it me to put a type in my url. LOL! Oy Vey!!! Let’s try this again!! 🙂

  4. Agreed. Social has to be seen longer term and relational. Not all posts are going to be amazing and perhaps your content just isn’t that exciting for every audience but if you are building relationship with people and engaging then you will get activity. It’s not just about content but relationships building too.