Social Media Girl

Last week I found myself sitting in the vinyl cutting chair of my favorite stylist, surrounded by men and women of varying ages, slightly high from the fumes of hairspray, and sweating from the heat emitting from the stationary dyers. The group around me seemed to be holding some kind of council, engaged in a serious discussion about some worldly issues that were beyond my scope of intellect.

Straining my ear to catch a clear word of their discussion, trying to decipher if they were even conversing in English I was able to make out the topic of their discussion – The Kardashians. I caught my own eye in the mirror, looking through the glass past my own reflection. Needless to say I was underwhelmed at the reality around me, and drew in a few deep breaths to clear the hairspray haze from around my head.

I was disappointed in my peers, and would have rather felt excluded from their conversation because I hadn’t read the New York Times that morning, instead of missing the last episode of TMZ. I let the drone of the dryers cover up the rest of their heated discussion and turned to the Facebook App on my iPhone for comfort.

I haven’t watched television for more than an hour and a half a week in nearly two years. I haven’t seen a magazine other than some extreme sports publication, in 3 years. There are piles of old Cosmos and Glamour magazines from 2006 with torn off covers and random parts missing from my short lived collage making binge stacked underneath my bed.  So how does a 20-something year old fashion forward, superhero of a female like myself stay current you ask?

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Polyvore, Instagram, Foursquare, and a few other Social Media outlets, together take up nearly 17 hours of my day. Reading, Posting, Pinning, Tweeting, Tagging, Snapping, Checking, Pinging- if you say it fast enough and in a Robot voice, the list sounds like everyone’s favorite Daft Punk song. (Don’t say it to yourself say it out loud).  I digress.

All of these social media channels together keep me up to date with news, fashion, people, places, and random things I’m interested in. Luckily for me that means I’m completely shut out from the gross parts of pop culture that I like to avoid, and I miss all the terrible news that comes on at 10pm about pandemics, and politics. I also get to miss out on all the airbrushed super models who miss-represent the female image, and marketing that makes me feel like I should be one of the crowd, and not myself.

After consulting my friends and followers about my salon experience, I realized more so that I wasn’t missing out on anything at all.  In fact my life is a lot richer without an extensive knowledge of celebrity pop culture. I’d rather have my news feed flooded with friend’s start up brands posting, or the organic market I like to frequent, or see pictures of my friends traveling the world, or working at a charity event.

My crew agreed we’re better off Facebook stalking each other, and talking about how awesome we are rather than giving some random chick who’s famous for nothing more time on our minds than she deserves-But I still might follow her on Twitter ….

‘Cause we are Living in an Digital World and I’m a Social Media Girl….XB

Written by Guest Post