Social Media Marketing for Startups

Social Media for Startups

Buzz has always been an important element when trying to launch a startup. The rise of social media from 2005-2008 became a great way for people to get their budding businesses attention. Then, something happened. Social media became TOO big in 2009 and the noise levels started drowning out the potential benefits of the buzz that was getting generated.

Jump ahead 2 years and social media shifted again, becoming an even more-valid venue to generate the buzz. As more people joined, the noise levels stayed about the same but the industry reached a tipping point where there was so much noise that some of it actually had a chance of standing out (if positioned properly). We’re not here to discuss the ebb and flow of social media noise over the years, but it’s important to understand, particularly for those who tried to use social media during the “dark years” of 2009 and 2010 to try to launch their startups.

In most cases, it simply didn’t work. Today, it has the opportunity to work yet again.

Unfortunately (or thankfully, depending on your point of view), it isn’t as easy as getting a lot of people to post about your concept on Facebook and Twitter. Things have become much more complicated. There are more options not only in the number of social media sites to use but also in the ways that individual social media sites can be used.

This infographic by our friends at Udemy breaks down how social media can be used by startups to get off the ground. Done right, it’s a wonderful thing. Done wrong, it’s worthless.

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Social Media Startup Infographic

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  1. really very best information’s for us , thank you . keep up

  2. Really nice, I have mentioned about this in my blog too…

  3. Well i really like the Distribution Plan which is portrayed very well in this blog. Facebook is really on top in Social media marketing and playing very important role. SMM people should learn Facebook properly.

  4. I certainly agree. Social media can be a huge pool of noise. The trick is to stand out. This was a very good article. Thanks for spreading your knowledge.

    Angela Giles

  5. Every Start Up owner should learn about Social Media Marketing because in coming time the world is getting socialized and Social Media will be the huge market.

  6. I have recently incorporated social media into my marketing plan and I have seen great results. Social media marketing is free, easy and very effective. Thanks for the information.

  7. I think it’s really difficult for businesses (especially smaller businesses) to create an online presence if they don’t understand the functionalities of different social media platforms. This infographic is a great tool, especially when it comes to creating a marketing plan/strategy. We’ve got a really useful blog that follows on perfectly from this that shows small businesses how to develop an affective strategy –