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I know, it’s hard to tear yourself away from Twitter and Facebook.  It’s probably even harder for your friends and family, who are trying to respond to the many messages you’ve left them.  This holiday season, give them – and yourself – a break with an eBook that will give them a new perspective on their social media lives.

Check out these recommendations, compiled by

1. 550 PR, Marketing & Social Media Tips by Cyndy Hoenig & Heather Lytle

If you’re using social media to grow your business, you’ll value this book.  Cyndy and Heather give you Twitter-sized bites of knowledge on how to mold your corporate profile and market your company in the most effective way possible.  Some of these tips will serve as reminders, while others may trigger some big changes.

2. How to Sell Social Media by David Bullock

There are still people out there who haven’t jumped on the social media bandwagon.  (These people clearly aren’t friends of yours, but stick with me here.)  This eBook explains why these outlets should be considered valid in the modern workplace, and it offers you solid tips on how to sell social media to clients.

3. How to Nail Social Media Without Fail by Jon Rognerud

Besides having an awesome title, Jon’s book shows you how to garner social media traffic with some weight behind it.  He’ll demonstrate how you get quality feedback on your site, as well as how to start a conversation with your community.  If you’re into case studies, there are several in these pages.

4. Twitter Wonder Tactics: Harness the Power of Twitter for Pure Profit by Grigore Turcanu

You love to blast your colleagues with 140 words’ worth of your thoughts on a daily basis (and I’m sure they love it, too).  This “social club” atmosphere actually makes it easier to socialize your way to making money.  Twitter’s user rate grows over 1000% per year; read this book to understand how you can use Twitter as a resource and not just as a forum for your thoughts on sheepherding.  (Although you can use it for that, too.)

5. Social Media Mastery by Mark Collier

For a taste of something different, check out Mark’s book, which includes exclusive interviews with three social media experts.  This volume also provides in-depth tutorials and helps you develop strategies to use Facebook and Twitter to brand yourself.

6. Social Media for Business by Warren Knight

Warren has worked with businesses like Disney and Nickelodeon to expand their social media marketing; he may know a little something about this arena.  He knows that not every strategy fits every business, and you should, too.  He’ll help you identify which methods will work best for your company, and how to implement them.

7. Mainstream Social Media by Jerry Holliday

It’s easy to think that since everyone’s on the mainstream social media sites, all of the marketing ideas have been exploited.  In reality, having so many people on these sites makes networking easier, and it allows you to present yourself in ways you never could before.  This eBook will help you put a new spin on your old social media brand.

8. Internet Marketing Strategies by Nicholas Ritchey

Nicholas’ mantra is to work smarter, not harder.  (Interesting, that’s my motto, too.  Great Nics think alike.)  This eBook is a practical guide on how to maximize your traffic while minimizing your exposure to scams.  It also gives you the straight story on the costs associated with making yourself a marketing success.

9. Social Media Marketing Secrets for Online Business by Jon Rognerud

(Yep, this is Jon’s second entry.  Just read one of his books already!)  This is a great read on how to focus your social media efforts so you can transition from having a scattershot approach to developing a cohesive brand.

10. Social Media Directions by Jay Deragon

Did you know that 96% of all online advertising fails to get attention from its audience?  Increase your chances of conversion by picking up tips on targeting your readers and meeting their needs.  Rather than using social media to deliver your message, use social media to interpret your clients’ expectations.

Reading one of these free eBooks over the holidays will give you great motivation going into the new year, and you’ll come back to your social media accounts refreshed. Even better, your friends will appreciate the new goals your gifts will help them set, both for their companies and for their personal brands.  (They’ll appreciate this just as much as they’ll appreciate the break from your Twitter battle with that sheepherder in Australia, I promise.)

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