Social Media’s Role in Automotive SEO

Social Media Role in SEO

Many in the social media industry got started from search marketing. In early 2007, many in the SEO world started noticing the benefits that social held over the various search algorithms and gave it a look. From there, a lot of them were hooked.

Despite a toning-down of social media links as credible sources for link-authority, there has been a rise of other social signals that both Google and Bing explore. Both are looking to Twitter and Facebook amongst other smaller ones despite Google not renewing with the Twitter firehose and Facebook’s relationship with Microsoft. Google+ is having a clear and tangible effect on search.

Here’s a quick video with some car dealer SEO tips.


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  1. Would you say that old SEO techniques like meta content are outdated and no longer work?

    Man what a blog! So glad I stumbled onto this.

  2. JD Rucker

    Thanks Ricardo!

    Meta content serves a different purpose now than for rankings. Meta Descriptions, for example, play well in getting clicks because they’re normally what the search engines put as the description on listings.

    Meta Keywords are worthless.

    Title Tags still have a strong effect, though.

  3. You are right on about Title Tags still being effective. Google still considers these for page rankings. The internet is constantly changing, which is what keeps this industry interesting, but on the flip side you have to continually watch the trends to stay on top. Great post, JD.

  4. SEO trend is been changing as well as the algorithm and also the practice too and what we need to do is to cope up with it. Some of the old tactics still works based on my experience but still there’s a need for some case study and experimentation. Well nowdays, the social media is the really big hit for SEO. It really helps for branding.

  5. I affirmed to this, social media now a days has a play a vital role in campaigning. One of the newest “>social media that i have using now is g+.