Social, Local, Mobile… Football (or Soccer, as Americans call it)


The attachment that social media has to entertainment is clear. We tweet the shows we watch, like the Facebook pages of movies we’re going to go see, and blast out or elation or rage on all social networks when our sports team wins or loses.

No sport or other form of entertainment has as big of a social media following as football. No, not American football, even though it’s pretty darn big as well. We’re talking about soccer. We’re talking about the little round ball that goes up and down the field trying to find its way into one goal or another.

The world is crazy about soccer and we let everyone else know about it through local, mobile, and social ways as this infographic by our friends at Football Meister demonstrates. Click to enlarge.

Social Football

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  1. These stats are amazing! I’m sharing this link with others here at Sports Culture and with others interested in soccer.

  2. Mwin

    Sorry to be pedantic, however, the name “soccer” is in fact a word of English (the country) origin. It is derived from the word association as in “Association Football” as opposed to Rugby football, both having been derived from the same root game back in the mid nineteenth century. Just sayin’… It always irks me when people use the word derisively towards Americans. That being said, I think the NFL game should be called “throwball” or gridiron or braindamage or something else than football…

  3. JD,
    Some very good stats here. I hope you don’t mind that I use some of these stats to market to one of our potential clients. I’ll reference your site don’t worry šŸ™‚