With over 130 million users, the Facebook owned photo sharing app, Instagram is being utilized by 67% of top brands. Marketers have been swift to realize the potential impact of Instagram by quickly integrating it into their offsite social strategies.

Yet, the golden question remains. Can Instagram generate ROI, and is it possible for the popular photo sharing application to be monetized? Or, are we all just wasting our time on yet another social network distraction.


Put the “Me” in Social Media

In 2012, there were over 72.6 million tagged self-portraits posted on Instagram alone. Currently, the nature of social media elicits self-expression, and furthermore demands gratification through a reaction. Equivalently, social media marketing continues to be vacantly measured by user reactions to imparted content.

Strategies that Provoke Self-expression

In order to monetize Instagram and acquire ROI, retailers and marketers must refocus their attention towards onsite social interaction, rather than immeasurable offsite interaction. Effective social strategies trigger self-expression by encouraging consumers to engage onsite in order to see a real return on investment.


Onsite Social Engagement

Social networks successfully experience rapid growth because they allow users to create content personalized to their own worlds. Onsite social interaction further engages consumers by giving them the opportunity to create content that not only fits into their world, but it encompasses your brand as well. Furthermore, onsite social engagement increases customer retention by transforming customers into brand advocates through an immersive online experience.

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