Smartphones are Killing Photography. Real Photography, That Is.


In this age of mobile gadgets that can do just about anything an older, larger version could do, one thing that has suffered (in my humble opinion) is photography. There are those that say that the abundance of photographs being taken and shared is more than a fair tradeoff for the lowered quality and attention to detail that once made taking a photograph and showing it something that didn’t require a charged battery, but I still miss the wonderful results of a properly taken, developed, and positioned photograph.

The mobile explosion made this happen. Nobody will deny that these devices have changed the lives of just about everyone in the world, but it’s still sad to those of us who went through photography classes, learned how to work a darkroom, and spent hours fixing an image without the assistance of Photoshop. This infographic by Overgram points to the good and the bad in the history of photography.

Kids today may go their whole lives without handling a roll of film.

Photography is Dead

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  1. Agreed, it’s sad. But this is progression, apparently. Although much of this ‘progression’ kinda scares me a little.

    Oh well, at least we have Instagram…..!