Silicon Valley Perks, Visualized

Massages at Work

Some people love their jobs and for good reason.

In Silicon Valley, high-valued tech employees are offered luxuries that would make many believe they live like rock stars. In many cases, they do, or at least they’re treated like rock stars by their employees such as Google,, and Linkedin.

This infographic by ResumeBear takes a look at 7 of the most sought-after jobs in Silicon Valley. It’s not just a matter of being sought-after – they’re actively seeking out talent like a 19th century gold rush. With the need to keep the best people in place and not have them wooed over to a competitor, it’s important to treat your people right, even if it means onsite massages.

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Silicon Valley Perks

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  1. The working environments seem to be a huge reason for their success. Employees can actually build a social life in their offices as well. I guess the comfort in working is one of the main reason why people are more productive.

  2. Brandon Walker

    Thanks for sharing the info graphic JD! It’s really interesting! Millenials/Gen Y (at Mojo-Ad, we call them the YAYA – Youth and Young Adult – market) have completely different expectations of their work environment than generations past. Happy employees make a successful business. So why don’t I have video games to play in my office?

    Brandon Walker
    Account Planner | Mojo-Ad