Startups End Down – Bring Sexy back to Geeky

Sexy StartupsRead MashableTechcrunch.  Any of the websites that follow startups.  Trends emerge.  Hopes are high.  Hope is lost.  Startup rises.  Startup ends down.  The question is, “why?”

Instead of going into any of the dozens of high-potential startups that we looked at from 2007 that aren’t going to make it through 2008, let’s explore one general theme.  Startups aren’t as sexy as they once were.  I’m not talking about sexy, as in porn or meeting “friends” online.  The sexy that I’m referring to is the kind of website that you read about, try out, and say:

“Wow.  I really need to use this.”


“Why the heck did nobody build something like this before?”


“Why the heck didn’t I build something like this before?”

Startups over the last several months have lacked in sex appeal.  Though I’m dying to point to specific examples, I will rely on the assumption that anyone reading this blog probably at least scans the headlines of startup news publications (if you don’t, you’ll probably see some startup information on one or more of the feeds to the right of this post).  You see the concepts, and just like me, you think, “That’s not a bad idea, but it’s nothing really new or exciting.”

Show me a Facebook killer.  Give me something that will force Twitter to improve its uptime (since Pownce hasn’t given the proper pressure).  Put out something that can beat Digg without being a Digg clone.

We want StumbleUpon, only better.  We’re dying for a video site that somehow beats YouTube at its game by offering features and functionality that nobody knew they needed because they didn’t think it was possible.  Give us a blogging platform that can be customized easily by an 8 year old or an 80 year old and still hold the interest of an 18-48 year old.

Give us something so sexy, so geeky, so “never knew they could do that” that we’re ready to devote hours of our day to spend exploring and playing with it.  Again, as with the last post, I’m asking for Web 3.0.  But this time, please come up with a better name for it.

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Social Media Blogs are a dime a dozen, but this one is hopefully worth a quarter at least.

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  1. Finally! Somebody finally said it. The worst part right now is you can assume what is coming out at any given time. The past few weeks have been social aggregators. This week we are seeing a lot of semantic anything. Whatever the next big conference is, will spawn a host of look alikes as well.

    The only problem is that implementing a fairly unique idea is hard. If it was easier then everyone would be doing it.