SEO Lives (despite recent statements to the contrary)

SEO is Not Dead

If there’s one thing that irks me about internet marketers, it’s that they seem to like to declare that something’s not working, particularly if it becomes harder. Most of the times when I get into a rant session like I’m about to start, I like to link to the “rantee” in question. In this case, the arguments are so poor and the conclusions are so misleading that I won’t even grant it a link.

The recent Panda updates did not kill search engine optimization. They improved both the potential and the techniques surrounding SEO. Rather than go into a deep-dive commentary on Panda 2.5 and the implications, I’ll sum it up with one statement that will make it to where you don’t even need to know what Panda is doing (or any other algorithm change in the near future).

Quality is everything. Quality of content, quality of links, and quality of code are the only things that any budding SEO (or social media marketer, for that matter) ever really need to focus on at the basic level. If you write good posts, put up good graphics and videos, get good links, and don’t muck up the code, your site has a great chance of improving its rankings.

If you rely on spun content, automated links, and coding tricks, you’re going to eventually fall in rankings. Google and Bing are smart. They know what’s working for them and against them. The one universal truth in search has always been that quality is important.

The recent changes to the algorithm only make quality that much more important. They aren’t killing SEO. They’re simply making it to where low-quality or automated posts and techniques will no longer be as effect.

If someone wants to rank for CT Toyota Dealer, all they have to do is put up high quality content and get good links. It’s that simple. The tricks of the past are meaningless (or getting there, at least). For easier terms such as Spray In Bed Liners Northern Kentucky, links might not even be necessary. Good, human-centered content on the topic should be more than enough.

SEO is not dead. They aren’t killing the profession nor are they killing the abilities to influence rank. All they’re doing is going after spam and content farms. If you are having trouble with your rankings, it’s not because of Google. It’s because you’re simply not doing it right.

Focus on quality in all things. Be a resource. Be enlightening, intelligent, and sharable. If you do, you’ll rank higher.

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  1. I love that you posted this!

    I’ve argued so many times in the past with my fellow (so-called) SEO experts and many of them think that SEO is dying. They are now focusing on social media marketing and shying away from SEO.

    The problem is that to go from SEO to social media isn’t such an easy transition, but forgetting about SEO altogether is a stupid move. Yes, social media has changed online marketing, but SEO experts need to realize that through social media itself you can dramatically improve your SEO.

    Search engines these days are analyzing social media channels and (although no one, but the SE’s knows for sure) this is playing BIG into search engine’s algorithms Offsite SEO has simply ‘changed’ NOT died.

  2. I agree 100%. The money is still in content and free organic search listings through SEO. Most web searchers are hungry buyers (unlike users of social media) and most click the top organic listings on any search engine… not the ads. Without SEO, you are missing a big part of your traffic generation. You can only go so far with pay per click and banner ads and social media… thanks for the post!

  3. off-course still works SEO as long as you practice ethical.