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Every year, I ask the same question around the end of December. Every year, I answer my own question by saying that people are going to eventually learn the difference between going directly to a website by typing a domain name into a browser and typing the same thing into a search engine like Google.

Every year, I get disappointed. Enough is enough.

The most recent yearly report of the most searched-for terms according to Hitwise demonstrates that year-after-year, people are dumb. This isn’t some elitist statement that non-tech-savvy people are dumb, nor is this an insult against people who use search engines to find various websites that they should already know about.

Wait. Yes it is.

Facebook Google

Look at #5 and #8 on the list. People search for “” and “” for whatever reason. They do it a lot, apparently, as they’re both on the top 10. Why? Why would anyone go to the search engine or type in their browser’s search bar the full URL of the site they want to visit? They then have to click on the search result to get to the page. It’s an extra, unnecessary step.

What do searches like “” and “ebay” tell us about people? Simply, they don’t know how to use the internet. They rely on search engines to answer even the most mundane questions such as “what do I type into my browser to get to”

People fail my faith test in humanity every year. Maybe 2012 will be different.

Written by Rocco Penn
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