Houston Mosque Fire Salon Story

The biggest problem with biased journalists on unabashedly liberal websites is that their rhetoric rings hollow when the tables are turned on them. Such is the case for Salon political staff writer Benjamin Norton in his coverage of the arrest of the alleged Houston mosque arsonist. Before posting (and deleting) a story that turned out to be completely false, Norton had chastised the media for jumping to conclusions a little over two weeks ago.

Update: The story has been republished with edits. Ironically, the tone of the story hasn’t changed and still points to other incidents that highlight the “problem” of Islamophobia. The tagline of the story now reads: “The fire was allegedly set by a man who attended the mosque — but other mosques have been attacked in recent weeks.” It’s a great attempt to keep the narrative going, as if to say, “Just because this incident didn’t turn out the way we wanted doesn’t mean that we’re not right about you darn Islamophobes.” They’re simply unwilling to waste a good piece of liberal propaganda. Also of note is that the story is not marked as being edited or updated, a practice that reputable publications embrace when they make corrections (emphasis on reputable).

The circumstances that surrounded his story were pretty compelling. It all started Christmas Day when a mosque in Houston had a suspicious fire. CAIR was calling for law enforcement to treat the incident with a possible “bias motive” as they investigate. In other words, they wanted the police to determine that it was a hate crime. Then, news broke this morning that an arrest was made. The man’s name was Gary Moore, 37, of Houston. Norton proceeded to post an article to Salon that was so biased against the alleged arsonist and anyone who espouses what the left deems to be Islamophobia that most readers would assume that Gary Moore committed a hate crime against Muslims. With no image available, they probably pictured a middle-aged white Texan with tobacco tucked under his lip carrying a Bible in one hand and an AR-15 in the other hand.

It was a perfect story for Salon. The only problem is that Gary Moore is a black man, a devout Muslim, and a regular patron of the mosque that was set ablaze.

The article was taken down once the narrative no longer matched the facts. Thankfully, we have a screenshot of the story for you to read. Before you do, take note that the same author posted on his site an article that attacks the media for jumping to conclusions about anything that relates to Muslims. The golden nugget is in the first sentence when he writes, “You can basically make up anything about ISIS, and the Western media will uncritically repeat it.”

To restate the rhetoric in a different light, you can basically make up anything about Islamophobes, and the liberal media will uncritically repeat it.

Here’s the original story:

Salon Houston Mosque Story

Written by JD Rucker
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