JD Rucker Selfie

Call it a kick that I’m on, but I’ve officially doubled the number of “selfies” that I’ve taken just in the last couple of days. Prior to this week, I had taken 2. Now, I’ve taken 4. It’s a selfie phenomenon. The reason for all of these selfies is that I just uncovered a second infographic about the photo type that is also worth sharing, officially doubling the total posts about selfies on this blog as well. The first selfie infographic was posted just the other day with a much-less admirable attempt at my own image.

This time, we’ll keep it normal. Instagram will be thankful. Here’s the infographic from eBay Deals.

Selfie Infographic

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  1. Ileane

    Great infographic. I guess you don’t need to take selfies when you have a photographer at the ready like Oprah and President Obama. Most of the pics I post on social media are selfies because I don’t want to bug my friends by asking them to take pictures over and over again until they get it right. lol
    Thanks for the laughs!