Donald Trump Immigration Plan

Republican voters who feel that stopping illegal immigration is important tend to believe Donald Trump’s rhetoric instead of looking at the actual plans. It’s not even close. Trump is strong against immigration, but he’s not even close to being the strongest.

We’re not talking about his moderate past. We’re talking about now. We’re looking at his current plan (which, apparently, his supporters have failed to do). His current plan, which has become much more mild than the rhetoric he spewed when announcing his candidacy, is still good, but it’s a far cry from being anywhere near the toughest on illegal immigration.

First, Trump’s plan promotes “touchback amnesty.” How anyone claiming to be against illegal immigration can support the moderate notion of touchback immigration is insane. He wants to take illegal immigrants, reward them with a quick trip to their homeland, then reward them even further by giving them VIP preferential treatment to reenter the country with legal status.

This is amnesty. In fact, it’s worse than amnesty because it’s much more expensive. It requires rounding up the illegal immigrants, then putting them on the fast track back to the country legally. In other words, those who have not broken the law and who have been going through the process of entering the country legally will be given the Trump shaft. They’ll be pushed to the back of the line so Trump can reward those who have come into the country illegally.

This isn’t a big secret. He’s laid his plan out. His campaign has laid his plan out. His son has gone on television to declare his plan as a form of amnesty. However, those sound bites get drowned out by his more controversial diatribes.

Trump’s supporters will say that Trump will build the wall. Even Trump has lied and said that Cruz copied his wall idea that he’s been promoting for seven months. Either he can’t do math or he’s flat out lying since he’s well aware that Cruz has been promoting the same wall since 2012. Without a President willing to sign for the building of a wall, it cannot happen. With a Cruz or Trump Presidency, we can have the wall. The difference between the two is that Cruz is realistic about his wall. Trump lies about being the first to promote it and he lies when he says he truly believes Mexico will pay for it. This is pure salesmanship. He knows it. Mexico knows it. Smart conservatives know it. Trump’s supporters listen to his rhetoric and fall for the pitch like rats fawning over their Pied Piper.

Immigration issues don’t stop with the southern border. Legal immigration is a hot topic as well. Trump has latched onto a nationalist notion that he will put a temporary hold on all Muslims entering the country. Once again, it sounds good in speeches but it crumbles under scrutiny. Using a religious test is very easy to evade. All one has to do is to claim that they’re not Muslim and they will enter the country under Trump’s plan. If anyone is naive enough to believe that Jihadists will not lie to get into the country, Trump probably has swampland in Florida to sell you.

Cruz’s plan is to use passport measures, biometrics, and controlled immigration factors to prevent radical Islamic terrorists from entering the country is the ONLY way to truly keep the next terrorists from gaining entry. His plan focuses on the countries where Islamists operate. This means there’s no way for them to lie their way into the country the way they can with the Trump proposal.

If there’s anything that chaps the khakis of true conservatives, it’s the notion that Donald Trump is the toughest on immigration. He’s a tough talker and an incredible salesman, but if you compare the plans, his immigration plan is a distant third.

Written by JD Rucker
JD Rucker is Editor of this site as well as The New Americana, a Conservative News Aggregator. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, and co-founder of the Federalist Party. Find him on Twitter or Facebook.