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  1. ShareNSearch is not a Social Networking Site, but it’s overcome of drawbacks of Social Networking Site’s which focuses on building and reflecting user’s interests. And uniquely identified for its categorization of users based on their interest, bookmark, sharing, and writing articles facility.

    ShareNSearch lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web in the various categories it has, so people can search images, bookmarks, links and articles according to their interest and requirement. People use ShareNSearch to Establishing Identity, Connect with others of their interest, Share there’s interest, ideas, vision and Search according to there’s interests.

    ShareNSearch lets you write Article of your interest, vision, ideas in the various categories it has, so people can read articles of the same interest, vision and ideas. So helps its users exchange ideas, vision and thought among people of same interest.

    Best of all, Browsing ShareNSearch is a fun way to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests.

    ShareNSearchis special because of the people who use it.It helps you to follow people of your interest who are uniquely classified in the categories we have.so you can follow people in your interested category.

    Ex: An Entrepreneur can follow an entrepreneur in our entrepreneur’s in our category. Which helps them exchange of individual ideas and vision.
    Ex: You can follow any person of your interest in your interested category and keep yourself update about your interest.

    Share your Ideas!
    Search your Interest!
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    Chat and Feel yours Dears very Near!
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    Its completely a fake website…completely bakwaas site..