Repin #Trayvon

Repin Trayvon Martin

Every day those of us on Pinterest play around with the site and see amazing pictures, clever hairstyles, and words of wisdom throughout. One component that has not been as present as it is on other social networks is the message against injustice or oppression that has highlighted most of the other social networks.

Can Pinterest break through to mainstream consciousness through a relatively-universal message of remembrance for Trayvon Martin? There are certainly those who oppose the treatment the case is getting or who want to paint the teen as a thug, but the majority of Americans believe it was a tragic death that was at least partially fueled by racial factors.

Is Pinterest ready to grow up and participate in spreading the message?

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  1. es lamentable la muerte de trayvon martin una persona tan joven, no se sabe si fue en defensa propia o racismo, pero el tiempo lo dira.

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  3. jazmine

    some is ok to cry one day you will see him who every did this to him need to do time for that he was just a kid

  4. jazmine

    i no i think about my mama if was me if that was my sun and somebody call me about him somwbody going to it what im say do not for get who you are this is come from a woman who no love you we i miss you we all will see you one day

  5. Grand Musai

    Right….because it would benefit everyone to have him grow up into a full fledged gangbanger…..I mean the media only shows you two photos of him because all the rest are of him smoking weed, giving the middle finger and showing of guns.