Reddit goes into “read-only” mode; Digg quality crumbles as a result

Two sites, Reddit and Digg, went into emergency mode today as Reddit had technical difficulties preventing users from submitting new content to the site.

reddit is in “emergency read-only mode” right now. 🙁 you won’t be able to log in. we’re sorry, and are working frantically to fix the problem.

Other social news sites such as Digg experienced a drop in the quality of content as one of the primary sources for content, Reddit, went into “read-only mode” making it challenging for many top Digg users to find content. The front page of Digg has not yet experienced the fallout as most of the top images today were from yesterday’s Reddit front page, but tomorrow is expected to be a low-Digg-count-day with Redditors unable to supply Digg users with content to submit.

Many Redditors were seen outside today. Some made their monthly trip to the grocery store, barber shops, and liquor stores early, while others simply experienced external weather conditions for the first time in ages.

“I’m glad this happened,” said one top Reddit user. “It gave me a chance visit my girlfriend at her house rather than having her come over to mine. I had no idea she was such a slob!”

No word from Reddit about what caused the outage or when it will be fixed, but updates will be posted as they come available. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Reddit appears to be up and working (somewhat) properly again as submits can (somewhat) be made again. Digg power users have ceased their search for fresh content and have returned to their favorite source.

* * *

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  1. youngluck

    HAHAHA… Great article. You looking for writers?

  2. stupid comparison

    This is why Reddit is annoying with there stupid elitism. It’s a website who cares!

  3. Peter


  4. I finally got around to beating off to a picture of Mr. Baby Man today. Thanks Reddit!!!

  5. Keyser

    Way to suck reddit’s teet. This sounds like this was written by some no name redditor who just wanted some karma. Lame, and poorly written.

  6. Will not disclose name

    What is your reddit username?

  7. Homer

    youngluck, reddit is back up again, no need to look around to get busy..

  8. Everyone needs a day off from time to time! Good for the Redditors

  9. live52

    I’ve been checking Reddit for the last twelve hours or so and a few minutes ago it came back. I refused to visit Digg but did hit on BoingBoing a few times today. It is a poor substitute for Reddit.

  10. This is brilliant. I’m going to submit it to Digg. Just for the unadulterated irony.

  11. I actually leave the house quite often. Sometimes even three times in a single month.

  12. Jo Diggs

    Oh wow, excellent article indeed.


  13. 8ankh

    I’d write for you too 🙂

  14. op1500

    “while others simply experienced external weather conditions for the first time in ages.”

    For about 45 seconds, until my skin started smoking then right back inside to see if Reddit was back up yet.

  15. Great news coverage on the Reddit downtime! I didn’t fallback (if you could call it that) to Digg while Reddit was in read-only mode. Instead I got alot of work done! Imagine that.

  16. Agile Cyborg

    I was finally able to clip my toenails. Had to shave the hair off the toe knuckles first

  17. A very amusing read. You gave me a giggle!

  18. Chris

    I love the dig at…Digg. It really has just become an echo chamber for Reddit, only with less intelligent comments.

    Sorry Kevin Rose…we still like your show though.

  19. unfortunate incident. I think they are back to normal operations. To submit news releases, please visit for affordable press release distribution services.

  20. As an American, I only get my news from Entertainment Tonight and The National Enquirer.

    That’s how I know that Secretary of State Lindsay Lohan just brokered that peace deal with Palestinian Foreign Secretary Samantha Ronson.

  21. Satirical, yet on point. Love it.

  22. Noone

    Israel is a terrorist country. Fuck Israel!

  23. More like annual grocery store trip…otherwise it’s 7-11!

  24. colin syme

    l am bored to tears, my dog has had several long walks since this morning, -gone fishing for the rest of the day.

  25. Alex

    Great article!!

  26. Brilliant 🙂

  27. ++++++

    I laughed, but that’s because I was a redditor once. A long, long time ago.

    There was a sinister edge in that laugh though. You could hear it if you had listened for it, had paid attention like a careful child does during nights when the winds rub the world especially raw.

    I say this because, having left Digg for Reddit and now Reddit for the republic of myself, all of this drama, this stupid stupid drama, is now simply amusing. Having no more attachment to Reddit, I don’t care for its reputation anymore. It means nothing to me. The comments, this, it’s not me. I don’t see me in this. I never liked it in the first place. All I see are the retarded black sheeps of an otherwise quite pleasant family going at each other. Maybe they’re in a mud pit, wrasslin’ up a storm, maybe they’re racing expensive hobbies down dirt roads, maybe they’re on the internet half-kindly, half-insultingly having at each other’s sweaty but frugal throats.

    It’s amusing drama to me, at least. I’ve always liked drama. Not the stupid kind that you see on sit-coms that leave no lasting impact. No. I like the real drama, like this one, because it seeps into your mind’s unprotected crevices and affects you more than you know.

    So keep having at it. It’s a bad medium for dehumanization but the barely-disguised-by-pretentiousness thrusts of war make up for it. And, who knows, maybe something really big will actually happen one day, a DDOS from an angry teen, a pool party thrown by your friends /b/. And then we’ll have a real story.


  28. TRIP

    I’m a super impatient person…I gave up after a while…n went to digg etc etc…was a sucky training day yesterday. I signed up for training so that I could reddit happily

  29. I believed everything in the article until you said something about girlfriends. We don’t have girlfriends. We have kittens.

  30. Jon



  31. ddrt

    @stupid comparison: You do, apparently.

  32. Noone

    Just kidding, I love Israel.

  33. This is hilarious. I will admit, I do find things (occasionally) on Digg that are new to me.

  34. nichelove

    Funny. Still too broad for my tastes. I like techmeme and

  35. Tinky

    Wonder why the many glitches all of a sudden this week ! one in twitter with the 0 follower stats and then this on digg and then on Redit, tough week for Social media for sure !