Recording Blog Posts is a Way to Find a Different Audience


It’s not for everyone. Some people just don’t like to hear their voices played on audio or video. I know. I used to be one of them.

If you can get over that fear and if you want to get your YouTube channel some watches while helping to get your content seen and heard, it’s a quick and easy way to kill a couple of birds with a single stone. The concept is pretty simple. Write a blog post, then read it off while recording a video. Attach the video to the story and now you have an easy way for people to either read your blog post or watch it.

Perhaps more importantly, it takes the art of writing and allows you to get creative in the fastest growing medium. Remember, everything is going mobile. While it can be annoying trying to read a blog post on a smartphone, listening to it on YouTube is often much easier. If you get good at recording the audio from the posts and applying it to either a visual of yourself reading it, a slideshow, a scrolling transcript, or other images that are pertinent to the video itself, you can make for an alternative experience for your content.

Some people are readers. Others are listening. There’s even a few people that like to do both. I tend to listen to a video or podcast playing in the background while reading something else. Here’s an example:

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  1. Abhishek

    This is really true. Getting your thoughts recorded can actually get you a lot of audience and there are many people who want to just listen to nice thoughts

  2. Very interesting idea. What did you use to record the scrolling transcript?

  3. Hey JD,
    Great idea, and I hope folks end up giving this a try.

    You might want to take a look at Spreaker. It’s a podcasting platform that will automatically upload to YouTube for you. There’s no scrolling transcript but it’s still another way to reach more than one audience at a time with the same content.

  4. What is the best/easiest tool to video a blog, then edit it???? Is there one. I tried using photo booth today, and editing was not easy. I just kept going til i did it in one take.