Facebook always seem to have features lurking underneath the surface that most people catch wind of through seeing it repeatedly show up within their newsfeed. I am one of those people with the Facebook Year in Review feature I discovered today, and it wasn’t until I saw a trusty friend (Thanks Nathan Lauffer) did I attempt to check it out any further. That is usually how it goes though doesn’t it? You will dismiss a feature until someone you trust tries it and then and only then does it truly peak your interest.

As 2012 is winding down, we always seem to take some time to reflect on the year and with the help of Facebook you can check out 20 of your best moments that you shared on Facebook using Facebook’s Year in Review.  With a simple click of a button on the Facebook Year in Review page will you uncover a collaboration of your best highlighted moments, most popular posts and life events you made throughout the year within your Facebook Timeline.


It is moments like this where we can review our memorable moments that we shared on Facebook collectively in one spot and reshare it again as one on Facebook to revisit those moments that we thought were wonderful or meaningful enough to share at one point throughout the year.

As we say goodbye to 2012 say hello to your favorable moments with the help of Facebook.

Written by Erin Ryan
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