Quit Hiding and Start Being YOU on Social Media

I often still see many people hesitant in using social media, almost like watching them dip their toe in to see if the water is warm or not.  People, who clearly want to use social media but often leave themselves out of the overall experience and instead remain in the background. It may be shyness, or increased fear, but most likely it has to do with not knowing how to spark a conversation.

The first thing is to go into social media without any expectations, once you think you are going to get a ton of retweets, likes, or any attention in bulk you are already setting yourself up for disappointment. Social Media is not structured to work like that, yes viral videos and content exist but they are usually catapulted to stardom due to their naturalness. Do you ever wonder why a lot of viral videos are those that are taken by people who can just hold the camera steady long enough to catch the shot?

It isn’t due to luck or strategizing for hours on end (although that could work in some instances), it is because the video is usually displaying something real, people can relate to real, and therefore if it has the added bonus of something winning or failing, cute or annoying, others feel like they are witnessing it in a natural way, not forced.

That is what social media is meant to do, to help people relate to one another and to provide us a platform where we can express our individuality and appreciate and learn the differences of others. Hiding is only going to have people keep you at arm’s length and therefore prevent your social accounts from growing and your connections from flourishing.

If you really want to take part in this ever-lasting social experiment and find true relationships from those around the world, than it is time to quit hiding behind that avatar, or link and begin being YOU. Stop dipping your toes in social media; instead it is time to jump all in.

[jumping in water image via shutterstock]

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  1. Social media is about build genuine and long term relationship.

  2. Marygrace

    I completely agree. I think people are more worried about what filters to use on instagram and what they can say to get more likes/retweets etc, that sometimes what they end up saying is not anything they really believe in at all. It is just to get the attention of others on social media.

  3. I agree, but is there a line? Some people have two different accounts: personal and professional, in order to keep a sense of professionalism. I only have one account, and I sensor my posts.