#ProTip: Don’t Tweet About Assassinating the President

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  1. What chills me is the number of retweets and favorites she got before they shut her down. What is the matter with his picture?

  2. Freedom of speech or a step too far?

  3. thanks for the info …..i will take special care about while using facebook ,twitter or google plus.

  4. There will also be very unclear border between the freedom of speech and what is “behind the line”. This is, however, clearly behind the line.

  5. oho….i never knew that such can be the consequences…of a wrong post or tweet…thankyou for enlighting…

  6. ksav

    This is a good blog post because this demonstrates just how much trouble social media can get someone into if not properly utilized. Putting something out there for everyone to see has the potential to ruin lives and commit unintended acts of libel.

  7. Alissa Widman

    I find it shocking that someone would post something like this on Twitter without thinking about the obvious consequences on employment, college enrollment, legal action, etc. Nothing on the Internet is private or temporary; even if she deleted the tweet, there are ways for its existence to be tracked, especially now that the Library of Congress is archiving all tweets. I’m currently in a social media class in college and this topic is discussed frequently. Some of the things my classmates post on their Twitter accounts, knowing our instructor is following them on Twitter, is very disheartening. I really think people need to think before they post something online. They may think it’s funny at the moment, but its permanent effects can be life-changing.

  8. Kelsey Kula

    I cannot believe someone would write something like this without realizing it would and will affect the rest of their life. A tweet or post like this is very serious and not everyone knows that, which is quite concerning. This girl most likely posted this for the “retweets” and “favorites” trying to say something that would spark controversy among friends but it obviously went much further than that. I am very concerned about how many retweets and favorites this tweet did need to get before being recognized. Parents need to educate their children before even letting them open a social media account because at such a young age an immature teenager can ruin their entire future. There is absolutely no privacy on Twitter and no matter how many followers you have, if something is said that is this serious and controversial it will get out and spread at a remarkable speed.

  9. Gemma Schultz

    I think this situation is completely ridiculous. I believe this girl was old enough to know that posting this on twitter was probably not such a good idea. It spread very fast and had many retweets and favorites before it got noticed. Something this serious should have been on the radar sooner. I agree with you that parents should educate there children more about social media. Your analogy of walking around with a megaphone is very fitting. Nothing is ever private on social media, anyone can see it. This is cause for concern, especially in younger generations who seek attention. Overall, parents need to educate, and users need to be more aware.

  10. Emily Fink

    This whole scenario literally astounds me. First off, why anyone would tweet that someone needs to die is a beyond me. Secondly, making a physical threat to anyone, let alone the President of the United States? This situation is a prime example of how their should be an age limit on social media sites such as Twitter. If not an age limit, a maturity requirement? The lack of common sense behind posts literally flabbergasts me.