Mixx vs Propeller: One’s Going Up, the Other, well

Propeller vs MixxRecent changes at both Propeller and Mixx have pushed the inevitable forward.  Mixx, the brainchild of Chris McGill, has been poised for success for about a year now.  Propeller, the once-proud Netscape, was doomed the moment that AOL stepped into the picture.

If recent trends on Alexa (which we all know are not always accurate) give any indication about what is happening, then Mixx is making the move to become the 3rd choice amonst social media sites.  Propeller, on the other hand, is heading down, down, down as users have expressed concerns about a lack of communication from the administrators as well as a disastrous redesign that threatened to push its dwindling core of users off to another site (perhaps even Mixx).

Propeller has hope, but they will need to employ some fresh ideas from people outside of their normal realm.  The current leadership is heading (theoretically) in the right direction, but there needs to be an infusion of ideas for them to be able to keep pace or even exceed expectations in the growing world of social media.

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  1. The compete graph looks different than alexa. Mixx is growing faster than propeller, but it is not ready to catch up yet. I am not sure why the two graphs look so different though.


  2. Gerard


    They look different because one is for daily reach (Alexa) and the other is measuring unique visitors (Compete).