Social Media Event Planning

Have an important even coming up and want to spread the word? An event usually involves socializing, so what better way to promote an event then by using social media marketing on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn? These social networking sites are used for connecting with thousands of people and reaching them quickly in regards to an upcoming event.

First and foremost, you have to set up ticket registration on an entirely different website to start promoting your event. This helps consumers find out more about your business or even that you are trying to cover as they click through the site to buy the tickets. Not only that; but the extra links from social networking sites will boost your website’s page rank – which is always a plus. Setting up ticket registration shouldn’t be that difficult, especially if you use an affordable solution such as Eventbrite or a similar site to help you.

Okay, so you’ve figured out how to host the event registration on your company’s website- now what? It’s time to create listings using social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Plancast. By doing this, you increase awareness of your event as well as allow people to share if they are attending and see who else is attending. If you’re using Twitter as a means to promote your event, you want to create a hashtag that is unique and will have people talking about your event. To avoid confusion you should try researching hashtags on Twitters internal search engine.

Social media strategies should include a tracking tool known as Google analytics. This free tool allows you to see which sites you’re using, drive more traffic to your page than others.  You can use this to track which site you’re using, is driving more traffic to your event page on your website.

Other things you can do that will help promote your event is to hold a contest or free-ticket-giveaway on your company’s Twitter or Facebook page. You could also create a Pinterest boards that relate to the event. There are many ways to promote your event by using the powerful forces of social media advertising and marketing. Find out what works best for you and your brand and run with it!

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