Print is Dying (in case you didn’t know)

Print is Dead

There will (almost) always be a need for physical media. Print publications that are smart, fill a particular need or niche, and that create a revenue/cost model that is sustainable with fewer eyeballs will likely survive the digital shift.

With that said, the industries that rely on print publications are all dying a quick and painful death.

“We just won’t buy newspaper ads anymore,” said Gloria Beal at Albuquerque Ford. “It’s simply not as cost-effective as online advertising.”

The trend will continue until one of two things happen – it hits a tipping point or something new comes and kills digital media. For the latter to happen, we’ll probably need wireless and direct connections to our brains streaming the media to our mind’s eye. That, too, will happen someday – perhaps sooner than you think.

While we wait for that to happen, our friends at GetSatisfaction put together one of their amazing infographics detailing the death of print. While I’ll miss the feel of a newspaper in my hand, there’s just too much convenience associated with tablets.

Click to enlarge.

Death of Print

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  1. I hope printing is dying in Malaysia since I am internet marketing consultant but it is only half dying. hahahaha.

    Thanks for the article, it helps me on my new blog post! 🙂

  2. Jessica

    Very intetersint post and diagram. I am currently a PR student at Curtin University and we have recently discussed the arguments for and against this idea of print media being dead. Most students were in favour of the print media is dead argument – although worth noting however majority of students are from Gen Y – the generation who are wholeheartedly behind the social media revolution.

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  4. julia isabella

    print newspaper.. seems like i saw a couple of them lying somewhere around.
    to feel a freshly printed magazine in my hands and being able to enjoy my coffee while flipping through the pages is a great feeling. but only if i have the time. to get the latest news: i go online. i stay up to date and the news i want come right to my smartphone of pc. print is dying thats for sure – a clear matter of the everyday convenience crave.

  5. Sadly, for the print media industries, tablets really are becoming more convenient. Hopefully, they won’t be disappearing too soon though. It is always a nice change to read from a physical paper instead of from a glaring monitor!

  6. I agree that most students were in favour of the print media is dead argument
    social media news

  7. It is true that the tablets become more convenient. But the possibilities of sharing are still to limited. So I don’t want a kindle until there are usefull ‘jailbreaks’.

  8. Heh. As a matter of fact, I did know. 😀 I’m not happy about it, but I do know.