In September of this year, we announced Streams to the Social Media tool, Postling. As the year closes, much success has come to our handy social media asset that has enhanced the lives of many business owners incorporating social media. Postling started 2010 with only 1,000 users and now as the end of the year approaches they have reached a confounding 20,000 users.

Postling began the year starting with 2,500 linked accounts to a whopping 50,000. Even the amount of posts have super-sized with 5,500 more posts and 12 million comments in December.

From these statistics, Postling has had an amazing year and it is about to get even better for 2011.

YouTube Integration

Yes, that’s right, as of this week you are now able to upload videos from Postling to your YouTube account – and as they do with all other linked social accounts – Postling will pull comments and allow you to reply right from Postling itself, enabling you to add instant YouTube e-mail so you don’t miss a beat.

Postling Analytics

A few weeks ago Postling added analytics, so now you’re able to see stats for your brands and accounts, including posts, comments received, and number of tracking results. It’s still in the tweaking process to add continued value to its users over the next few months.

What’s in store for you and Postling in 2011?

Big Things.

They are planning to add more social media sharing features. Working on the product for it to become even more user friendly, with hopes of turning it in to be the only social media tool you will need to market, maintain and monitor your Social Networks with, and with current improvements, and growth in 2010, don’t be surprised if Postling becomes a buzz word at your workplace in 2011.

Will Postling become the top Social Media tool for businesses in 2011?


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Written by Erin Ryan
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